iSee Rice Fields

Wander the lush rice fields and feel the harmony

Spiritual water management

A meandering footpath takes you through some pristine rice paddies. This is what Bali is all about. Watch the farmers toil their fields and kids fly their kites. Rice farming in Bali is a community affair. All rice farmers are obliged to join a subak association to jointly decide on planting, crops, pest control and irrigation. What makes this system even more unique, is the strong spiritual element. Every rice field has a shrine, every subak a temple and to ensure a good harvest, there can be as many as 15 blessing ceremonies per season.

UNESCO listed heritage

Bali’s subak system has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage. Four places on the island have been selected as the very best examples of the different subak elements: the purest source of water is at the volcano lake Batur Pura in the north, Tampak Siring has the most exquisite water temples and Jatuluwin in the centre of Bali has the most stunning rice terraces.

Like to see more? Visit the Bali Classic Culture Centre (IDR 100.000). We like the sampling of classic Balinese architecture from around the island. It’s also a great place to learn about rice cultivation and offering ceremonies.

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