iEat Tulsi

Aryuvedic eats at this Indian restaurant

Delicious Indian cuisine

Tulsi means ‘holy basil’. An apt name for this eatery serving up one set menu of Indian food each day.There are very few choices to make other than, small (IDR 50.000) or large (IDR 80.000), chicken, tofu or tempeh, and roti or dosa.The menu never changes but it doesn’t need to, because it’s that good.

Home cooking

The food is home cooked by the owner Koming, a local Balinese whose adopted mother is Indian. Koming decided to open an Indian restaurant here because it meshed well with the spiritual eco-firnedly ambience of the community and the Ayurvedic diet. He is a firm favourite among the local community, and the village kids love a good lassi after school.

We decided to open this restaurant in Nyuh Kuning because we like the eco-friendly spiritual ambience of the community.
— Koming


Tulsi’s eco-practices goes well beyond their recycled bottle light fixtures, and even including paying a deposit (IDR 25.000) for a take-away container which is refunded when returned.

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