iSurprise Village Gate

A monkey’s welcome to Nyuh Kuning

Art and humour

Two stone sculptures of praying monkeys welcome you to Nyuh Kuning. The statutes represent the humorous character of the village, as well as its deep roots in fine artistry. As you pass through the village you will notice that every home, temple, and business is adorned with two stone sculptures, one on each side of the entry to greet you.

Stone carver’s community

The stone carvings are a community initiative which started about ten years ago to give Nyuh Kuning a unique identity while maintaining its traditional integrity.Each family commissioned their own custom stone carving, which was sculpted on site by local sculptors and apprentices. Today, seventy homes have a unique pair of statues adorning the doorways: comical animals, funny figures or more spiritual Hindu gods. The best part is that the stone carvings reflect the owner’s personalities. Boy, would we like to meet some of these characters!!!

The big monkey gate

At the bridge just before entering the village, you see two enormous sculptures of jumbled bunches of monkeys with brightly gemmed red eyes. The work of local Nyuh Kuning stone carvers!

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