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Secret of Bali’s most eco-friendly village

Eco destination

Nyuh Kuning is known across Bali as an eco-friendly village. This has been 15 years in the making. Made one of the village elders shares: “In our village, we don’t allow plastic in hotels, no burning of garbage and we have weekly community clean-ups. We want a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere, so we have rules on car parking and every car that wants to enter the village has to pay 2.000 rupies. We collect this money to pay for the drainage system, the stomach of the earth.”

Frangipani village

As part of the village’s greening initiative, the town has planted nearly 5,000 frangipani tree’s lining the beautiful streets in all of their splendour. The village women collect the fallen flowers to make essential oils.

Smile crew

Mekenyem (smile) is a local group of 18 women responsible for keeping Nyuh Kuning clean. You can see them walking the streets collecting litter in their bright green Mekenyem t-shirts. Street sweeping and garbage collection is even part of the school curriculum!

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