iEat Warung Rama

Charming café serving up delicious nasi campur

Nasi campur

This gem of a little restaurant oozes charm; from the décor to the owner to the food. It may be small, with just three tables, but Rama is a firm local favourite. The owner Ibu Dayu is guaranteed to brighten your day. What started fifteen years ago as a take-out spot for Nasi Campur, has grown into a real restaurant, all with the help of some friends and a successful crowdfunding campaign. Dayu named it Warung Rama after her son, and hopes to one day send her kiddo to university with the profits.

I go to the local market at 7am, I cook food when my customers come and stop cooking when there are no more.
— Ibu Dayu

The specialty

Warung Rama is known for its nasi campur (IDR 30.000). It comes with chicken ‘tutu style’ (roasted and stuffed with spices), fish sate, tofu and fried tempeh, along with urab sayur (steamed bean salad). Ibu Dayu’s recipe is so good it was awarded ‘Second Best Nasi Campur’ in Ubud in 2016.

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