iShop Karja Woodcarving Workshop

Meet a local woodcarver

Woodcarving in action

Karja woodcarving workshop is a family-run business located right in the home of the Karja family compound. Today, three generations of Karja’s practice the art of woodcarving including their young son. Visitors are welcome anytime. Bring a photo of your pet and they can custom-make you a special piece.

A village of artisans

Once upon a time, one could see woodcarving workshops all throughout the village. Those days are gone, but older men in the village are expert woodcarvers and continue to practise their skill and on special occasions when a large custom order comes in, the whole village will come together again and show their craftsmanship.

Nyuh Kuning style

Nyuh Kuning signature style is mostly animal and reptile sculptures. Although few of the younger generation is interested in continuing the woodcarving tradition, there is still an immense amount of pride in the village’s woodworking heritage.

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