iEat Law Fu Kee Congee and Noodles

Quick eats, old-school style

Simple and delicious

Cantonese cuisine is known for its simplicity - but that doesn’t mean it is easy to make. Law Fu Kee specialises in such deceptively simple dishes such as congee, wonton noodles and deep-fried fish balls with clam sauce. Fresh ingredients and years of experience in the kitchen is what keeps locals coming back.

Ever popular bestseller

Back in the 1960s & 1970s, the first-generation Law Fu Kee was a typical local daipaidong (大排檔), known for its popular Zhongshan Xiaolan style deep-fried carp fish balls with clam sauce. Current owner Mr Law is the second-generation successor and still turns 100kg of mud carp into fish paste every day. The paste is deep-fried into bouncy fish balls and paired with a unique sauce made from clams, dried mandarin peel and rosé wine.

The congee is silky smooth, the wontons are balanced and the fish balls have just the right bounce.

Carp street signboard

The huge carp street neon signboard designed by the old Mr Law had been a fixture since 1970s. Unfortunately, a new regulation issued in 2010 meant that the sign had to be demolished. LuLike many dismantled neon signboards in the city, Law Fu Kee’s mud carp signboard is now preserved by M+ Museum.

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