iSee Lyndhurst Terrace

Follow the floral scent

Girls and flowers

In the 19th century the street was filled with flower stalls, all the way to Wyndham Street. Soldiers and gents bought flowers here for their girls at the brothels on Lyndhurst. Many of them were Portuguese girls, first arriving in Macau, then to Hong Kong for better business. The brothels were as busy as the flower stalls, until they were banned in Hong Kong in 1935.

The name always tells

Lyndhurst Terrace was named after the then Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain Lord Lyndhurst with a matching Chinese translation, but locals still know the place as Baai Fa Street (擺花街) or flower arrangement street.

Shoes & dresses

Anything a girl needs. In the wake of the prostitutes, shoemakers and tailors also set up shop here. They stayed on long after the girls left the streets.

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