iEat Bombay Sweets

Must-stop for Indian/Iranian sweets and chicken samosas

From Bombay with love

Pettah has what feels like 254 establishments with the name ‘Bombay Sweet’ plastered across its sign. Colombo as a whole probably has several more. Every single one of these outlets will probably claim to be ‘the original Bombay Sweet’ …. The one we’re talking about is located opposite the Red Mosque. It eschews a flashy sign, opting instead for minimalist silver lettering on black fabric. A picture of the patriarch, the store is run by an old Bohrah family, hangs above the cashier. The entrance is narrow but the shop is quite deep and has a nice dine-in space at the back, though the shop does most of its trade in take-away.

Bombay Sweets is like a snack and dessert bar in one, they sell juices, sweets and small bites.

What to buy?

They sell famous Indian/Iranian sweets like muscat, Bombay mittai, barfi, jelebi etc. They also make some killer faluda. They also do a roaring business in samosas. A quick break from the chaos outside for a few samosas, washed down with some strong faluda, is a favourite way for shoppers to take a break.

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