iEat Gabs’ Good Grub

Good value pub grab 24/7

27/7 comfort food

Where to go at 2am for a good fill? Look no further than Gabs Good Grub. Never has an establishment been named so literally, Gabs does pub grub like no one else and even better they do it 24/7.

We used to have a small space. When our baby Gab was born in 2013 we started this restaurant. He is our chief taster.
— Gabbard

Gab's has a pretty impressive selection on their menu - a mix of local favourites such as tapsilog and champorado and some western picks like eggs benedict and burgers.

The unpretentious place is always full. Gabs has a loyal following of Makati office workers and some dishes have been created especially for their frequent customers; brownie or mac & burger anyone?

Good value

The plates are big, the service quick and the bill is small. “We are here for the long run, we want to serve the community. With low prices, we are able to stay sustainable.” says Gabbard, the owner. “We save money where we can. We got our tables and chairs from a closed-down Makati Avenue bar and light fixtures came from a local junk shop.”

In-house culinary inventions

Must tries include: Beef Salpicao (beef mixed with shrimp, pusit, tomatoes and garlic) Pasta Isabella (creamy seafood pasta) and Bangus Cheesy (fish with cheesy sisig-like vegetable sauce). Both very affordable at 95 pesos.

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