iEat Insular Bakery

Classic historical bakery famous for salted bread

Pan De Sal

In Spanish “Pan de sal” literally means salted bread, yet you can only find it in the Philippines. Insular bakery is one of those small neighborhood panaderia where locals queue every day for their bread fix.

This classic local bakery has been around since 1924 and prides itself on keeping its traditional baking techniques. Locals also love the excellent egg pies and ensaymada: the typical Manila delicacy of soft, sweet bread covered with butter and sugar and sprinkled with cheese.

Limited edition

Must try is the traditional “putok pan de sal”. Only available from 3-5pm, it is a limited edition salty bread, extra thick and chewy. The little cracks on its surface tell you it’s the real thing.

For a true Fillipino breakfast ritual: Pan de Sal is best dipped in a cup of coffee and off course a little chat with the neighbours.

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