iSurprise Kalbaryo

Largest street carnival procession in Metro Manila

  • A. Bonifacio Street & A. Mabini Street
  • Holy Wednesday to Black Saturday

Holy week street fanfare

Come to Poblacion for the holy week! For over half a century, the local Poblacion residents have held street parades with self-constructed shrines known as kalbaryos to celebrate the end of lent.

Each year local Barangay get together to construct 48 “Stations of the Cross”, some biblical, but we’ve also seen Wild West to the pharaohs of Egypt. People from all over Metro Manila come here to wander the streets and enjoy the carnival atmosphere.

It takes months of preparation and some serious artistic skills for the Barangay to create the kalbarayos out of papier mâché, bamboo and ply wood. “We are well known for the end-of-lent celebrations. This is how we preserve our traditions” says the 80-year old Tita Eden Samarista, one of the proud guardians of this folk-art tradition.

Join the carnival!

Highlight is the street parade, the largest of its kind in metro Manila. People from all over town come to Poblacion to enjoy the carnival atmosphere.

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