iEat LOBO Filipino Tavern

Traditional Filipino specialities in “Grandma’s kitchen”

Grandma’s authentic kitchen

Lobo Filipino Tavern is known for its traditional Ilocano Filipino dishes. Restaurateur/artist Kian Kazemi was inspired by a place he loved most since he was a child: his Lola’s (grandmother’s) home.

The place is intimate, decorated with old fashioned Capiz shells and in the middle a large portrait of Nanay Charita, the inspiration behind the restaurant.

Family of foodies

Nanay passed on her love of cooking to the next generations. All dishes on the menu are handpicked and need to be approved by a majority of the family members.

Our favourites

  • Lamb Adobo - a long-time Filipino favourite recipe with tender pieces of lamb. This costs 275 pesos which is good for up to four people.
  • Sinuglaw - traditional Ilonggo dish cooked with coconut vinegar, fish, ginger, bell pepper, grilled pork belly and a dash of coconut milk. 245 pesos for this dish good for 3 people to share.
  • Crab Fat Kani Pasta - a Japanese fusion dish inspired by the famous Allegue rice which is good for one person at 255 pesos per serving.
  • Baba’s Bangus – smoke grilled meat in banana leaf stuffed with vegetables and garlic, perfect for sharing with 4 people at 255 pesos.
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