iSurprise Makati Pumping Station

A story of jeepneys and ferries to revive the riverfront

Pumping station, pumping art

The Makati pumping station is another artistic endeavour as part of the Pasig River Art for Urban Change Initiative that has turned nine ordinary utility buildings along the Pasig River into canvasses for artists. Thanks to the Metro Manila Authority and British Council, these ordinary pumping facilities have now become new creative experiences in the neighbourhood. The Pasig River, has become a colourful corridor.

Meet the artists

Malarko Hernandez and Cristina Lina had worked together on mural design projects all over the world. For this project, their aim was to create an avenue for new perspectives and ideas. They were inspired by the many jeepneys in Manila’s streetscape. “For us jeepneys are highly visual part of Filipino culture”. Malarko says.

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