iEat Bakerite Bakery

Little local bakery that became a popular homegrown brand

Old school bakery

Established by Wong Tong Liong in 1946, the Bakerite Bakery has been serving fresh and hot bread for 70 years. It all started with 10 sacks of flour the owner bartered from a US Army kitchen and in the 1950s became a hot favourite for local college students, workers and housewives.

Homegrown hero

From its modest beginnings, Bakerite has become a popular local brand, expanding to over 10 stores in Manila. Still, the bakery here at Hidalgo Street remains the most beloved of them all. It’s also still the brand’s home base, every morning at the crack of dawn, Bakerite trucks leave the Hidalgo branch to deliver the day’s goods to all their stores.

Freshly baked buns

Bakerite is famous for its filled buns. They come in a variety of flavours. Try a chicken, asado, or tuna bun; freshly baked every day and a bargain at 27 pesos per piece.

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