iSurprise Genato Heritage House

Party place of Manila high society

Best parties in town

This elegant mansion was where the best parties in Quiapo were held!The house of Manila businessman and socialite Ramon Genato was a popular place for the ‘alta Sociedad de Manila’, the local elite. As Felix Roxas y Fernandez, Mayor of Manila put it: “Every year, the New Year’s Eve Ball was held in the commodious and luxurious house if the Ramon Gentao whose children, out of love for their father, fondly took care of the lavish preparations for the festivities.” The house is now used as a halfway house for boarders and seamen on furlough. When you book tour with KKB, they’d be happy to show you the interiors, reminders of a great past.

Guiding star

Ramon Genato was one of the brains behind the “Motto Stella” or the famous guiding star monument in Rizal Park.

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