iEat Globe Lumpia House

Fresh Filipino-style lumpia following a secret family recipe

Family legacy

Globe Lumpia House has been serving Quiapo style fresh lumpia for more than 50 years. Globe is famous for their ‘Lumpiang Sariwa’ a variation of the Chinese vegetable spring rolls but with a Filipino twist. Many have tried copying the Lantin’s signature family recipe for the garlic based sweet and savoury sauce that holds together the sliced carrots, sayote, and bean sprouts, but the locals still come to Globe. The daily long lines are a testament to its unique flavour. The signature lumpia is made fresh to order at PHP 20 per piece.

Free lumpia

Every January 10th, Globe hands out hot fresh lumpia for free, as a gesture of honour to the Black Nazarene. The shop opens 8 hours earlier to serve the many hungry devotees.

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