iEat June-Nairah Halal Restaurant

Quiapo’s halal must-try spot for home-cooked Southern Filipino cuisine

Home-cooked food from the South

June-nairah Halal is one of Quiapo’s best Halal places. Mrs Makataronong specialises in home-cooked Southern Filipino cuisine, highlighting the culinary flavours of the Maranao and Tausug indigenous peoples of Mindanao. As Muslims, they only serve food that is Halal and they cook it fresh every day.

Spice and everything nice

Try the pinaparan na hipon (shrimp cooked in spicy coconut milk) and riandag na karne (spicy beef), both come highly recommended by Quiapo’s Muslim community and far beyond. A plate will set you back around PHP 40 and comes with free beef stock. Add a cup of white steamed rice for PHP 10.

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