iEat Ma Mon Luk Restaurant

Authentic dim-sum and best Chinese noodles in town

Humble beginnings

Ma Wen Lu was born in China and came to the Philippines in 1918 looking for a better life. He started selling noodles using an ancient recipe from his native Guangdong province. Ma’s noodles quickly became a local favourite for its authentic flavours and cheap prices.

Famous noodle place

The noodles became so popular that the word mami (Ma’s noodles) became the byword for any type of Chinese noodles in the Philippines. What started as a small noodle stall here in Quiapo grew into a popular restaurant chain with branches as far as Cubao in Quezon City.

The best dim sum in town

Locals like Ma Mon Luk for the dim sum, the best in the whole of Quiapo. A must try is their siopao which has a district strong smell because of the garlic and onions that are used liberally. PHP 40 per piece.

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