iEat Master Hopia Factory

Popular spot for a local delicacy: home-baked filled flaky pastries

The old master

Master Hopia is a popular spot for one of Manila’s most beloved snacks. This ‘factory’ produces hundreds of the Chinese bean filed pastry a day. It’s signature flaky crust and generous filling makes it ‘Krispy Kreme of Hopia’. Here they bake Hopia the old-fashioned way and you buy them straight from the tray.

Our favourite

So many flavours on offer here, there is cheese, pineapple, baboy, and much more. Find the different flavours by the coloured dots. Our favourite is ‘kundol’ (Chinese winter melon). Easily recognisable by the green dot. One pack with 8 pieces is PHP 60, or PHP 8 a piece straight off the pan.

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