iSurprise Paras Building

Home of the Pedro Paterno, prime minister of the Philippine Republic

House of a revolutionary

When high society socialite Regina Josefa Zamora married to Lucas Paterno, of the prominent Paterno clan this property became part of their family legacy. The hardworking Paternos were of Chinese descent and built their fortune in the tobacco trade. Pedro Paterno, the famous revolutionary who once lived here, put his family fortune to good use. Pedro went into exile in Hong Kong and came back to restart the revolution against the Spanish in 1898. He later went on to become the first Prime Minister of the Philippine Republic before surrendering to the Americans in 1901.

High society hub

Even after the Americans took over, the Paterno’s remained very influential and this house was a Manila high society hotspot. When the Japanese invaded the country in World War II the Paterno’s were forced the flee. The historic house never regained its former glory. It’s fallen into disrepair, even declared derelict by the city government.

What’s in a name?

The house is the legacy of one of the most prominent Manila families, but among Quiapo locals it is better known as the ‘Paras’ house after the balloon & birthday celebrations company that is based here.

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