iSurprise Plaza Miranda

The true spiritual heart of Quiapo

Historic city square

Every Philippine town has a public plaza. Quiapo’s one is Plaza Miranda, the large open space in front of Quiapo Church. A significant place in the Philippines’ history, the plaza has hosted many protests and uprisings. In 1981, a couple of grenades exploded here at a political rally of the Liberal Party.

Quiapo’s spiritual centre

Come here during the annual Procession of the Black Nazarene. The plaza is the place to be for the grand finale.You won’t be the only one, over 3 million come to celebrate and worship.

Manila’s folk-religion hotspot

Plaza Miranda is the spiritual centre of Quiapo. Here you can buy magic amulets, voodoo dolls candles and herbal cure-alls. Only at Plaza Miranda you see images of Christ next to Talismans and Golden Buddhas; this is where Quiapo’s different cultures and faiths come together.

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