iEat Food Alley

A hidden street food heave

Burger Deli

This newest generation of burger generator is truly lip-smacking level. A true Sai Kung family business started by a husband and wife, Lawrence and Yoyo is popular with locals and tourists. Burger Deli creates their own recipes, their newest invention is the Impossible Burger, which is made from plants but tastes like a real beef burger! The place does not use styrofoam or any other plastics.

Little Nat desserts

It’s basically the Sai Kung version of Starbucks. But different to what the name suggests, this place is not only for people with a sweet tooth, Little Nat desserts is all about small dishes and traditional snacks such as siu mai and fish balls.

The best place in Sai Kung for cheap and yummy snacks.

Bubble tea shop

Delicious and cheap, bubble tea from this small shop is a firm favourite among local students. But there is more, they also sell juices and shakes. You hear the machines and blenders, served cold and fresh.

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