iDrink Little Cove Espresso

Little café down by the pier

A vibrant spot

Little Cove Espresso has a welcoming vibe, with happy people and full tables. The little shop is owned by Adam and Jade who both grew up in Sai Kung but have lived in Melbourne for some years. “Melbourne is a big coffee town and in Sai Kung, all we had was seafood, dim sum and Pepperonis, so we thought it would be lovely to have something like that here in our hometown,” says Adam.

Blending in

Adam has Egyptian and English heritage and Jade is mixed Chinese and Australian. 'We wanted to bring that Australian touch but also add our own culture, so we put an Australian-Middle Eastern slant on the food'.

Pulled pork benedict - go for it! That one flies out of the kitchen.
— Jade, owner of Little Cove Expresso

What to order?

On weekdays the smashed avocado toast is a hit but on the weekends the bestseller is the pulled pork benedict. For drinks you can’t go wrong with an Aussie style flat white or a Chai latte.

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