iEat Loaf On

The first restaurant in Sai Kung to earn a Michelin star

Michelin, Michelin, Michelin!

Loaf On is the first restaurant in Sai Kung to have one Michelin star. The food there is Canton-influenced and a great way to experience Sai Kung like a local. It is situated in the place where you least expect it: in a small village house in the old town.

What to order?

A good starter is fish boiled with tomato and potato soup followed closely by their famous chili and garlic deep-fried tofu. This restaurant welcomes you to bring your own seafood to be cooked by the chef or you can ask the waiter what is fresh. Loaf On is also famous for razor clams in black bean sauce, deep-fried abalone and mantis shrimp with chilli and pepper.

Building your appetite

The climb to the top floor is good training for climbing Mount Everest but is totally worth it for the food they serve. Just sooo good. They accept walk-ins but don’t think you could strike lucky every time you walk-in. This place can get packed really easily.

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