iEat Man Nin Wah Roasted Meat

Best place in the hood to eat pork and rice

40 years and counting…

Barbequed pork and rice - Shiu Mei Fan - is Hong Kong’s signature dish and this is the best place to have it! This little restaurant is a family-owned business and has been here since 1976. The family likes Sai Kung because it is a very unique town: ‘There is nowhere else in Hong Kong like it. Here there are few buildings and you can go SUP and sailing’ says chef Wan.

It is tasty and I eat there for lunch almost every Wednesday.

Meat & greet

The minute you walk into the restaurant, you instantly feel nice with the scent of rice and cheese filling the air. There is a very casual community atmosphere with locals going in and out of the restaurant to their busy day. Try the bestselling pork&rice, you won’t regret it!

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