iEat Man Tsai Kee Noodles Shop

Well known noodle shop popular to celebrities and locals alike

Celebrities wall

This little noodle shop in Sai Kung is very popular with celebrities; there is a whole entire wall covered in photos of the owner and famous people. It is also quite hard to miss with the purple signs dotted all over Sai Kung.

Mix and match

When you come in you get the menu, but you can ignore it and just tell the waiter that you’re here for wonton noodles, the local speciality. The skin for the dumplings is thin and soft and the noodles are bouncy and full of flavour, highly recommended, or pick your own noodles.

The shrimp

The food is freshly made every day at 8am. The shrimp is caught that same morning, usually around 5am. They use deep-sea shrimp because it is full of flavour and nice and salty.

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