iSurprise Sai Kung Oasis

Swimming Pool for Dogs

Dog for a swim

The dog swimming pool was originally a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts.  Now Sai Kung New Being Oasis is a popular place for Sai Kung’s pet friendly community at large to take their furry friends for a swim. On weekends when Sai Kung is a real dog walker’s hotspot, it can get busy.

Wait… It’s a rehab center?

God’s gospel

The current director-general, Brother Fung Duxin, was inspired by God’s gospel to overcome his battle with drugs. When he quit, he formed the gospel detoxification ministry, a Christian Fellowship. The non-profit has been around for 30 years and continues to reach out to drug addicts. Dogs can be a great asset in this process: their companionship provides unconditional comradery, teaches responsibility, ensures exercise, and relieves stress.

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