iSee Sai Kung Public Pier

Fresh air, fresh fish and lots of boats

Iconic boats

Much like Hong Kong's iconic skyline and neon-lit streets, the red-sail Chinese junk boats have become recognizable symbols of the city. These boats you can see at the Sai Kung pier. Normally quiet on weekdays, but when the weekend hits it gets crowded like crazy.

Hop on a boat

Ask the ladies at the pier to take you on a half hour sightseeing tour of Sai Kung harbour. It is about HK$100 -$150 depending on day of the week and your bargaining skills.

If you want to see history go to the pier. If you want some fish go to the fish market.

Back in the old days..

The Sai Kung Public Pier used to be a fish market. People would come here from all over Hong Kong and use their money to buy fresh fish. Still, it's a great place to try seafood.

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