iSee Sai Kung Town Tin Hau Temple Complex

Where locals come to pray

Finding peace amidst Sai Kung

When you reach the doors of the Tin Hau Temple, the smell of incense fills the air. Walking into the temple, it is quiet and dark, it’s like you’ve left the bustling town of Sai Kung behind and entered into a very peaceful place.

Old vs new

This temple used to be at the seaside. When it was a small fishing village, Sai Kung fisherman would come here to pray for good fortune.

This temple is important for the safety of Sai Kung locals, I trust Tin Hau, the goddess of the sea.

Who is Tin Hau?

Thousand years ago, Tin Hau was born in a regular family with some not-so-regular super powers. She mastered Buddhism at a very young age and began to help people with her strengths. Sometimes she would be standing at the shore wearing bright red clothes to guide fishing boats home, even in the most dangerous and harsh weather conditions. Legend tells us that one stormy day when some merchant boats didn’t return from the sea, it was Tin Hau who came to their rescue.

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