iSee Shoreline Bells

Bells that mark the history of Sai Kung

The bells of Sai Kung

Walking around Sai Kung, you see five bell towers around the town; each has two pillars with a bell hanging in between. Did you know these towers mark where the seashore used to be? That was before the reclamation in 1970’s when they connected Sai Kung to Shatin.

The bells connect the pier and the temple, it’s a way for the fishermen to see the ocean when they pray.

Praying with a seaview

The bells are also worshipping the goddess, Tin Hau. According to Wendy, a long-time local resident, the bells were made to deliver the fishermen’s prayers from the sea to the goddess Tin Hau. “The bells connect the pier and the temple.”

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