iEat Chi Loy Heung Eggrolls (closed)

Home-baked Chinese pastries with a taste of nostalgia

"Egg rolls on the slope"

is how many locals used to know Chi Loy Heung. This small, fifty-year-old bakery unfortunately had to close down in [xxx] due to rising rents. Its nickname dates back to the neighbourhood's pre-escalator days when the steep slope was a hard-to-get-to place. After the construction of the MTR and escalator, the bakery was among the many shops that moved into the new market. Maybe it was because people couldn't smell the sweet, enticing aroma of the rolls anymore from the escalator, but business went bad. Within three months, the shop moved 'back on the street', this time on Third Street.

Famous rolls

The fresh, handmade egg rolls were what made people come back to this landmark. Apart from its famous rolls, the bakery had much more to offer, including a wide range of traditional cakes and biscuits with unique flavour combinations like lemon, winter melon and rice crispy.

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