iSurprise Community Complex

Allegedly haunted mental hospital

So many spirits still roam around the premises; even today, the wooden shutter doors open and close for no reason.

War, ghosts and lunatics

'The haunted house' is how local residents know the baroque stone building with its large verandas; that's how many ghost stories surround this building. Rumour has it that during WWII, it was an execution ground: the basement was used as a morgue, and the nearby KGV park was a dumping site for dead bodies. No wonder these restless spirits still roam around the premises... Some say that until today, the wooden shutter doors open and close for no reason.

Old mental hospital

The neighbourhood's older generation remembers this building as a mental hospital. When it closed its doors in the 1960s, the government didn't quite know what to do with the building, so it was abandoned for decades. In 1998 it was finally refurbished and repurposed as a community centre.

Façade only

With its arched verandas, rustic granite walls and wooden shutter doors, the community centre is one of the few historic buildings in the neighbourhood. Well, the front, that is: the façade is the only part preserved from the original building.

First public hospital

Few people know this building was initially built in 1892 to be the nurse dormitory of Hong Kong's first public hospital.

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