iSee Fuk Tak Temple

Century-old guardian of the hood

Guardian of the hood

Fuk Tak Temple is the busiest street temple in Sai Ying Pun. In the old days, when many local residents were poor and couldn't afford doctors, they would go to this very temple to pray for good health. Some would even put incense ashes into water and take it as medicine. Over a century old, Fuk Tak is a real community meeting point. The temple was so popular that it was moved here from its original location on Third Street to accommodate more worshippers.

Celebrating the God of the Earth

Back in the day, there would be celebrations with lion dances parading the streets on the birthday of the God of Earth (18th-21st of the first month in the Chinese calendar).

Rice & peace

During the Chinese Yu Lan ghost festival, Fuk Tak Temple used to give out free rice (also named ping an rice, which means 'peace'). Distribution started at 11am, but you would already see thousands of people queuing at 3am!

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