iEat Luen Wah Café

Not-to-miss pork chop rice

This is a lot less than what we used to have, we even had sizzling plates!
— Mr Hui

Cha chaan teng

Luen Wah is a typical cha chaan teng (茶餐廳). These local-style cafeterias dot the culinary landscape of Hong Kong. Cha chaan tengs are small, affordable eateries serving up fast, greasy food in big portions; their interiors are filled with lots of ceiling fans, mosaic tiles, fluorescent lighting and rows of small booths. Luen Wah opened its doors in 1964, and it feels like not much has changed since then: walk in, and you've travelled back decades in time. Even the menu is traditional; they serve drinks like iced cocoa and poached egg in hot water. "My day starts at 4am; the first customers come at 5.15,' the owner of Luen Wah, Mr Hui, says.

Quick breakfast

Luen Wah is much-loved by the locals. In the pre-MTR days, there was a bus stop right outside the café. Office workers would come here for breakfast, and when they saw the bus coming, they'd quickly pay their bills and hop on their way to work.

Chinese comfort food

Luen Wah is an excellent place to try the classic Hong Kong comfort food pork chop rice (焗豬扒飯) (HK$52), as they only use fresh meat over here. Thick fried pork chops served on a generous portion of egg-fried rice, topped with tomato gravy and cheese, baked and served piping hot.

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