iEat Saam Hui Yaat

No-nonsense dim sum joint

We have been making dim sum for decades. We have 12 varieties on the menu. It has been like that for years and years.
— Faat Goh

Local favourite

This is where the locals go for breakfast! Saam Hui Yat's customer base is a nice mix of elderly and students in the area. This dim sum joint embodies the saying 'never change a winning team': they've had the exact same menu for years. Its five chefs, who have been in the industry since they were teenagers, start work every day at 3am. Each chef has a different role: making dough, slicing vegetables, frying meat, preparing fillings and steaming the buns. Owner Faat Goh insists on using bamboo steamers from Tuck Chong Sum Kee, a fellow SYP-based shop: "They are a bit more expensive but a lot more durable. Also, each dish has a limited daily supply to reduce food waste," he says.

What’s in a name?

Saam Hui Yat literally means three goes one. The name has nothing to do with how many dim sums fit in a basket; it goes back to the days when the eatery was owned by three shareholders, and one of them left…

A kaifong favourite

A must-try here is the chicken bun (HK$17). It's Saam Hui Yat's most popular dish. The bun is huge, truly good value for money!

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