iEat Sang Kee Foods

The go-to place for specialty marinated pork, a popular Chinese delicacy

The sauce is a mix of fish and soy sauce. We do not use salt or additives. It may be more expensive but the taste is better and you won’t feel thirsty eating our food.
— Mr Li

Authentic Chiu Chow flavours

Sang Kee was the first shop on Queen's Road West to sell Chiu Chow marinated pork. Many stores have come and gone over the years, but Sang Kee is one of the few that have stayed on this street for over 20 years! Mr Li is truly Chiu Chow/Teochew. There are many Chiu Chow people, shops and restaurants in Hong Kong, especially around "Triangle Pier"—also known as "Wing Lok Whare"—in Sheung Wan.

Special sauce

Mr Li wakes up at 6am every day to prepare his special marinated sauce, which has earned him his stellar reputation! "The sauce is based on fish and soy sauce, made without salt or additives. It may be costlier, but the taste is better, and you won't feel thirsty after eating our food," Mr Li says.

Tools of the trade

"We have been using the same chopping board for years; it was very thick. Every time it gets dirty, we peel off a layer. Now it has become quite thin."

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