iShop Sing Tak Lung

Your friendly neighbourhood rice seller

There are many types of Thai rice. We only sell Golden Phoenix; it’s of the best quality.
— Mr Leung

Rice experts

Spot the big wooden barrels filled with rice; this is a traditional rice seller in its second generation. Founded in 1984, Sing Tak Lung is both a wholesaler and your typical 'mom-and-pop' shop. The Leungs are as happy selling a small portion of rice to an auntie as they are delivering a cart stacked with rice bags to a nearby restaurant. At Sing Tak Lung, they have an expert opinion on rice and are happy to explain the differences in tastes and textures of different grains. They'll even throw in some tips on cooking rice to perfection (not too chewy and not too soft) and making the best congee. This is a place for people who take their rice seriously.

Mixing it up

Sing Tak Lung imports their rice according to the harvest time of different farms; that's why you can always find the freshest and best rice here. Every November, they get newly harvested rice, stored till October, then it becomes 'old rice'. Restaurants typically order a mix of new and old rice to maintain consistency in quality. The shop's mixer can hold a grand total of 26 packs containing 25 kgs of rice.

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