iEat Yuen Kee Dessert

Century-old traditional desserts

You may find another Yuen Kee on the same street, but the others just happen to be using the same name, this is the one and only real one.

Authentic Chinese desserts

Yuen Kee is a Chinese dessert specialist. The 84-year-old Mr Li and his dedicated team start their day at 7.30am every day. They cook red and green beans, lotus seeds and sesame to create their signature sweet soups that have a celebrity following. People like former Consul General of USA Clifford Hart and former Chief executive Tung Chee-Hwa have been spotted here.

Century-old desserts

Mr Li's grandfather started Yuen Kee on Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan and later branched out to Sai Ying Pun. You may find another place bearing the same name on this very street, but this is the one and only real Yuen Kee.

Signature wooden stool

The wooden stool in the shop is more than a century old and a woodworking masterpiece; you won't find a single piece of nail on it.

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