iSee Jukung Boats

Go out to the ocean on a traditional wooden fishing boat

Traditional fishing boats

Get up early in the morning when the Sanur fisherman return with their catch. The eye-catching wooden fishing boats are called jukung. With its big bamboo outriggers and a simple ‘lateen’ - a triangle-shaped sail – they are built to navigate shallow waters, the elegant boats only skimming the ocean’s surface.

Spiritual design

A jukung boat may look simple, but its design follows a strict set of religious guidelines. When a fisherman decides to build a new boat he must first carefully choose the tree. Preference is for the indigenous Belalu or Camplung tree, which is light, strong and ideal for boat building, but can only be cut down on certain auspicious days. Then the tree is carved to fit the fisherman’s body frame for optimal harmony between the physical environment and the spiritual world. The boat is then painted to look like the mythical elephant fish, known to have night vision, for a safe voyage.

Jukung cruise!

What better way to catch the fabulous sunrise than on a ‘jukung’, a traditional fishing boat. It’s easy to find a boatman to take you along for a trip. A couple of hours at sea will have you back before breakfast. Expect to pay around IDR 200.000 per hour. The fishermen know where to find the best snorkelling and fishing spots and can also arrange for gear and bait.

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