iSurprise Mangroves

Mysterious mangrove forests with secluded hidden temples

Mysterious mangrove forests

Sanur is home to a 1,000 hectare big mangrove forest, unique to Bali. Key to island’s eco system, this is where sea creatures come to breed and the lush forests also protects when typoons hit the coast.

Walk the boardwalk

Explore the mysterious groves? Find the info centre further along the Ngurah Rai bypass, where you can meander through the mangroves on a long wooden boardwalk. Two routes short (one hour) or longer (two hours) take you deep into the dense mangrove forests. The path that hovers 6 metres above the muddy water is spectacularly overgrown at times and makes for an adventurous walk, popular among Balinese schoolchildren.

Meander through the mysterious mangroves on a long wooden boardwalk.

Hidden temples

Hidden in the forest are two small temples: Pura Pengembak and Tirta Empul. Worth a detour!

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