iSurprise Matahari Beach

Where locals enjoy beach life

Local beach life

Clean white sand, shallow waters and cheap prices make this a favourite beach destination for locals. In the weekend afternoons this place is heaving with families having a good time.

Bali’s first beach tourist town

It was not until the 1960’s that Sanur first starting seducing overseas vistors. The secluded sea side village was a place where artists, painters and musicians discovered Bali’s beauty. In their wake followed more and more visitors, making Bali a world favourite tourist destination. But it all started here in Sanur.

Do as the locals do

Rent an umbrella (IDR 50.000 for a day), buy a kite (IDR 100.000) or have a grilled chicken or tuna sateh (IDR 20.000) with an es kelapa (coconut with ice). Support the Sanur economy by spending your money locally!

Keep Sanur clean!

Eco Sanur, Green Team Sanur and Trash Heroes organise weekly Sunday beach clean-ups. For more info visit their facebook site.

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