iSurprise Recycle Depot

Community composting and recycling facility

Promote recycling and composting

What started as a student experiment in 2004 is now a fully operational eco waste facility, churning out compost for growing crops. One of the many projects by local NGO Eco Sanur.

About Eco Sanur

Eco Sanur takes inspiration from the Balinese principles of Tri hita Karana in its strive to recapture Sanur’s former magic: a better place to live: a cleaner beach, safer streets, more respected religious cultural and a better livelihood for the fishermen.

Eco Sanur follows the Balinese principles of Tri hita Karana to recapture Sanur’s former magic.

What can you do?

Check out the Eco Sanur website for the regular beach and mangrove clean-ups or join an eco-cycling tour, on handcrafted bamboobikes!

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