iSurprise Sindu Dwarawati Turtle Conservation Centre

Preserving the island’s indigenous wildlife

Endangered sea turtles

Sanur has always been a safe breeding ground for turtles, but in the last few decades their natural habitat is disturbed. These days, turtles rarely come to lay their eggs. Amidst the tourism frenzy, local preservationists Sindu Dwarawati are making an effort to raise awareness about these endangered creatures. They are a small and young organisation, but do important work. Check out the young hatchlings in fish tanks!

Turtle island

Want to know more about turtles? Visit Serangan island! Serangan is a small island lying just off Sanur’s coast, home to the Turtle Conservation Education Centre that runs an excellent turtle bread and release program. It’s a very low key outfit, but there’s plenty to see: sandpits that are used as breeding grounds, tanks with baby turtles and injured turtles that have been rescued from the ocean.

Endangered creatures

In the past, Balinese used turtle meat for ceremonial occasions, but ever since a big scandal hit the town in 1980s, trading and consuming turtle meat has been prohibited.

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