iSurprise Yoga Oasis

Bamboo crafted yoga studio with inspirational ocean view

Yoga by the sea

This one-of-a-kind eco-friendly bamboo crafted yoga studio is set in a tranquil palm tree garden at a quiet part of Sanur beach. Overlooking the ocean without walls or air-cons, just a gentle sea breeze to provide a natural cooling environment to practice yoga.

Yoga not for you?

The ground floor has a lovely chill out space where you can enjoy fresh pressed juices or a tea and coffee selection. There is a holistic shop with health products, tibetan bowls and even a library. Making it the perfect place to take a break and relax.

Our favourites

Four daily drop-in Yoga and Meditation classes (Rp 100,000) are offered daily as well as different retreat packages and Yoga Teacher Trainings. We love the variety and different styles provided by Balinese and Western teachers and are big fans of the sunrise yoga. Is there a better way to wake up then right there by the ocean?

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