iEat Mani’s Cafe

Oldest veg restaurant in Trinco at 70+ years

I’m originally from Ampara but now I live here. We’ve been here for 16 years. There are 10 of us.
— Raja, Manager

Guaranteed flavour

Best place to get local food for a good price. Their tea is GREAT! They are right in the middle of town and have the best vadei and dosai in Trinco. They serve the dishes hot-hot and all their food items are crispy, spicy and freshly made.

Home-made goodness

This is a great place to try authentic Tamil Hindu cuisine, like ulundu vadei, warm doughnut-like snacks to eat with sambal and masala dosai, a giant crispy pancake filled with a mixture of potato, chili and other herbs. We also love the tea, sweet and spicy at the same time.

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