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Select shop featuring experimental art space

Art is everywhere

Right next to Midway Shop lies a narrow staircase that leads you to even more wonderment - walk up the stairs and you’ll find Foreforehead, a space that combines art select shop and exhibition into one. Doris, the founder used to be a travel journalist and shares her discoveries in this artistic space.

Redefining art in Hong Kong

As an artistic activist, Doris wants to break away the existing stereotype in the Hong Kong art scene, so synonymous with high-end galleries. Her daily doses of art and catchy exhibitions try to make art available and approachable to all Hong Kongers.

I want to make art available for and approachable to all Hong Kongers.
— Daisy

An artistic community

Putting her rationale into real practice, Daisy opened her shop right here in Sham Shui Po, a down-to-earth local community that she defines as ‘the real art of Hong Kong’. She shares: “I don’t see this place as a mess. People travel all the way here to explore art and culture, it is becoming a breeding ground for more comprehensive artistic collaborations.”

Our pick

We like the unique, full of local characteristics lamps designed by local artist Dennis Soap, who drew inspirations from the lines and shadows that are formed when light penetrates day-to-day home goods.

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