iEat Kung Wo

Best tofu in town based on century old recipes

Old recipe, delicate flavours

Look carefully and you will find this humble hidden gem tucked away between the hawker stalls, allegedly serving the best tofu pudding in town. Kung Wo’s tofu treats are hugely popular: owner Mr So sells about 800 bowls on an average weekday, and almost double that on a weekend.

Century old family business

Kung Wo's business license dates back to 1909! Their secret is a traditional rather time-consuming recipe in which soybeans are ground with a traditional stone mill.

This is a lot of work, but we never make a cat’s paw of someone else.
— Mr. So

Our pick

People queue here for the tofu pudding, or tofu fa 豆腐花.It is eaten either hot or cold, served with a generous dollop of sweet syrup and a sprinkle of their signature brown sugar powder, made from sugarcane and coconut.It's a bargain at HK$10 per portion!If you prefer something savoury, order the fried tofu with spicy fish paste and dried orange peel, yong to fu釀豆腐, which costs HK$12 for 6 pieces.

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