iEat Kwan Kee Store

The place to go for traditional Chinese cakes

Traditional Chinese cakes

This is Hong Kong confectionary at its best. Here in the middle of Sham Shui Po is one of the oldest granny style sweet shops. This place is a perennial local favourite and invariably you’ll find long queues for the freshly made rice puddings, cakes and other goodies.

Our favourites

Red Bean Pudding 紅豆砵仔糕. Made with red beans and brown sugar, the red bean pudding has a jelly-like, chewy texture, mixed with the crunchy red beans. The pudding is not cooked but steamed in rice bowls, hence the Cantonese name of the pudding “砵仔put jai”, which literally means a clay bowl.

Kwan Kee is Hong Kong confectionary at its best.

Go black

Try the sesame pudding 芝麻糕. The dark black texture may not look appetising but smooth texture and refined sesame taste make for a delicious dessert!

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