iSee Lui Seng Chun

Legacy of Chinese medicine lives on

Unique blend of styles

This is the building of the notable Mr. Liu Leung, founder of the local conglomerate Kowloon Motor Bus Company.The striking building in an unusual combination of art deco and neo-classical style, was home to reputable Chinese bone-setting medicine shop ‘Lui Seng Chun’ 雷生春.

Centre of Chinese medicine

After Mr. Lui’s death, the family donated the building to the government to preserve its unique architecture for future generations.Since 2012, it is the home of the Chinese Medicine Healthcare Centre and a herbal tea shop run by Hong Kong Baptist University School of Chinese Medicine.

Preserving tradition

The architects were careful in preserving many of the original features of the building such as the columns and original tiles.A great variety of traditional treatments are on offer and regular free consultations ensure this new clinic already makes an important contribution to the local community.

For years Lui Seng Chun was known locally as the haunted house.

Haunted house

For years Lui Seng Chun was known locally as the haunted house because it was so run-down.

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